Welcome to Q3, a non-profit organisation
aiming to improve the quality of
heavy road transports.

We help buyers of heavy transports to ask more of the carriers.

One important aid is a procurement tool that clearly shows what requirements lead to high quality and good transport economy. You can also use it as a contract template.


Q3 shall support, audit and assess buyers of heavy transports to ensure that their procurement criteria lead to:
• A better work environment in the transport chain
• Enhanced safety in the road transport system
• Reduced environmental impact from road traffic

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Q3 – Forum for Sustainable Transportation
Skytteholmsvägen 2
SE-171 44 Solna

Petri Ekorre
Mobile: +46 (0)70–309 88 66
Mail: petri.ekorre@q3.se

Magnus Andersson
Senior Advisor International Relations.
Mobile: +46 (0) 702 94 83 01
Mail: magnus.andersson@q3.se

Q3′s guide for procurement and follow-up of road transport services

Q3 has published a guide for transport buyers to assist them in the procurement of sustainable transport services. The guide can also be used by transport sellers. The guide book is based on Swedish experiences but can also be used in an international context.
Read more about Q3’s Guide for procurement and follow up of road transport services (pdf)

Q3 – Forum for Sustainable Transport Newsletter, September 2017

Road safety in Sweden: Twenty years since Vision Zero was approved by the parliament

In the autumn of 1997, the Swedish Parliament took a historic decision when it decided that Vision Zero should form the basis for road safety policy in Sweden. The starting point for Vision Zero is the ethical stance that nobody should be killed or injured seriously in the road traffic system.
Q3 – Forum for Sustainable Transport Newsletter, September 2017

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Q3 – Forum for sustainable transport is a forum where members can exchange experiences, share ideas and get access to expert assistance.

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• Good chance of reducing road transport on the environment
• Help to enhance the quality of transport

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